Interviewing is one of the most important
phases in the job search process.

Your resume and cover letter have gotten you to the interviewing stage. The interview is your opportunity to communicate your skills, values and strengths and convince the employer that you are the right person for the job.

There are several books available on top interviewing questions and best answers and it is always wise to review typical questions prior to your interview.

But the best advice I can give someone preparing for an interview is to present your authentic self and stay true to who you are. Before the interview review your core skills, values and what makes you the perfect fit for the job. Presenting your authentic self does not mean you let it all hang out it means you present your "best possible self". Sharing your successes and mistakes in your own voice will help the interviewer to see you as a real person and put both of you at ease.

The cliché "fake it till you make it" has no place in an interview. By being authentic you will not have to worry about living up to the false self you presented in the interview and risk losing your job if hired.

Allowing the interviewer to see your authentic self will make you appear more genuine, sincere and honest: traits that all employers are looking for in a new employee.

Being yourself will also allow the interviewer to identify with you and boost your confidence by being liked for who you are. The real you is the best you when interviewing.

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